The initial Tangerine+ product offering is a standard display for presentation on a kiosk or on a customer’s website. Live data from the renewable energy sources on the customer site is integrated into the display and updates to reflect current energy production information. The display interface has been designed to be friendly and fun. We design specifically for the general public to educate, inform, market renewable energy, and perhaps even inspire commitment to behavioral change.

The display has been designed with the following components for ease of production and delivery:

Standard Widgets

Main Logo widget

Site Information


Daily Generation

Local Weather Information

Lifetime Generation

Additional logos and/or special thanks

Environmental Benefits: Using EPA published calculations, the benefit the customer site has provided is shown in a manner the viewer can readily relate to.

Environmental Equivalent – cars

Environmental Equivalent – pine trees

Powered per year – homes

Avoided C02

Large Content Window

Customer site photos

Current generation chart

Educational Content: An informative and visually engaging slide show is included to educate the viewer about solar energy and the benefits that are associated with its use.

Support for Simple Customizations


Widget backgrounds

Large window background

Slider skins – prev/next buttons


Widget arrangement

Timing of widgets

Additional photos or logos