List of Key Features, Benefits & Services

List of Key Features, Benefits & Services

Why? Tangerine+

WE CAN communicate your environmental commitment to customers, partners and employees.

WE PROVIDE you with credibility through the power of live data generated by your program.

WE ARE a partner that understands how to effectively deliver your message to the public.

OUR TEAM has deep experience and can seamlessly guide you through the process.


INTERACTIVE displays designed to engage the viewer.

BRANDING and personalization for all project partners.

SPECTACULAR slideshows designed to tell your unique story.

REAL-TIME data from your site integrated in the display.

ENVIRONMENTAL benefits of your program expressed in everyday terms.

EDUCATIONAL information for the general public.

BENEFITS & Services

FULL DESIGN services, from concept to delivery.

ON-GOING hosting and maintenance.

INTEGRATION of all data input, including production and weather information.

DELIVERY across multiple platforms.

MONITORING for tablet-based kiosks.

CONSULTING services for kiosk and web deployment.

CUSTOM design and professional services.